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    The pool scene at the end of episode 12 was literally the most important scene of the episode. Rin presented Haru with two paths,

    the path away from competitive swimming


    and the path towards it


    and is the first person to ask Haru was is it he

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    Anonymous said: what didn't you like about this ep?


    Basically, instead of creating an original ending, Kyoani went with exactly what everyone expected them to do.

    Throughout the season, Haru has shown nothing but anxiety, resistance, and anger towards even the THOUGHT of swimming professionally. And now, just because he saw a pool in Australia, he somehow has the passion to follow this career path? A career path he has been fighting ever day for the whole fucking summer??? He sees these professional swimmers — people he’s literally had NIGHTMARES about becoming because he didn’t want to become the industry’s toy— and he isn’t scared anymore?

    Wtf?? That’s horrible writing. Yeah, it’s character development from fear to excitement about the future, but it would’ve been more moving if Haru DIDNT end up doing what everyone expected him to do.

    I wanted to see Haru continue to refuse to be pressured into something he DOES. NOT. WANT. I wanted him to find his own way, find an original dream where he could be free for himself. What lesson does becoming a professional swimmer teach? Follow what everyone wants you to do? Go with your natural talents, even if it’s terrifying and you don’t want to do it?

    They repeated the symbol of the free bird throughout this episode, but since when do birds let themselves be forced into a cages that everyone wants them to be in? If Haru was really gonna embody the bird symbol, he would have went against the tides and not been chained down by others’ expectations. He would have been loyal to his own feelings and decided to do whatever he thought would make him feel most at peace.

    Not to mention that the ending is unrealistic. Let me tell you, you don’t just magically realize your dream like that. You don’t suddenly want to follow a career path that you fear and hate just because you see some professionals in that field.

    That ending was such fucking bullshit because it taught that you should let yourself be forced into a future you don’t want and that eventually all your problems will wondrously be solved. Fat fucking chance. That’s not how it works in real life and I hoped that they would’ve conveyed that. Unfortunately, they didn’t and I am extremely disappointed.

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    (I know I’m late but) Happy Birthday Papasuke !! with Mamakoto and the jealous babies XD

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    Track 1: Haruka and Makoto on a Snow Day

    Makoto: Today, Haru and I promised to go shopping in the neighbouring town… But Haru might still be in the bath tub, so I better go pick him up… Ah! Haru?
    Haruka: …Makoto.
    Makoto: Good morning! So you were already prepared! You’re very quick today! I thought you might still be in the bath tub.
    Haruka: …I was still in there until a moment ago. But… It wasn’t enough… It’s still far from the water that I want to feel…
    Makoto: Um… I don’t really get it but, Haru, even if it’s a warm bath, if you stay in there for too long in this time of the year you’ll catch a cold!
    Haruka: I’m not that weak. Rather, I’d feel uncomfortable if I don’t soak in the bath tub.
    Makoto: Haha! That’s very Haru like. But when it’s this cold, I just want to stay under a kotatsu…
    Makoto: [ wind blows ]Ughh! It’s so c-cold… The wind is freezing… My ears hurt… Haru, they say that today is going to be the coldest day of the year…
    Haruka: Is that so.
    Makoto: Hmmm… I always think this, but… Haru, aren’t you cold wearing so little?
    Haruka: Not particularly.
    Makoto: I feel cold just looking at you! Geez… Unlike you, when I got up this morning I already felt freezing cold, so I wore lots of layers underneath my coat today…
    Haruka: Aren’t you wearing too much today? You look a lot bigger than usual.
    Makoto: Eh? Really?! Ah… Is it weird?
    Haruka: Never mind that, let’s go, or we’ll miss the train.
    Makoto: Ah! Wait for me Haru!

    Makoto: Uwah… The snow’s all piled up! Isn’t there a lot this year?
    Haruka: Isn’t it the same as usual?
    Makoto: Really? I always feel like it piles as high as it used to when we were small and played in it. Back then, it felt like we were about to be buried by it… Ehehe~
    Haruka: What is it, all of a sudden?
    Makoto: Hehe… No, I just remembered something from a long time ago and felt nostalgic… When the snow piled up, I’d go make an igloo with Haru…
    Makoto: One time we made a huge igloo, then we stayed in there for a long time, didn’t we? We grabbed things from our house and put them into the igloo… And then [laughs], because it was so comfortable we fell asleep, and our mums worriedly came looking for us…
    Haruka: Now that you mention, that did happen… And then the next day Makoto got stuck in bed with a fever.
    Makoto: That’s right! That same day, Haru also had a fever too!
    Haruka: I got better really quick…
    Makoto: Even after we got better, didn’t we get banned from playing in the snow for a while? …But because I was worried the igloo would cave in, I went to check on it but got caught by mum…
    Haruka: …You did something like that? You…
    Makoto: I really liked that igloo! Because Haru made that igloo so beautifully, I thought it would be a waste if it caved in… Haru, didn’t you build a shelf inside? That was such a surprise!
    Haruka: …It was so simple… And it was something I made as a kid, so it’s nothing impressive…
    [ wind blows ]
    Makoto: Uwaah!! So cold! The wind is freezing… My feet won’t move…
    Haruka: [ sighs ]
    Makoto: Haru!! You walk too fast! Wait for me!
    Haruka: Only because you’re slow. Come on, hurry up.
    Makoto: Ah, wait up!

    Makoto: Ughhh… It’s so cold.. My hands are freezing…
    Haruka: Makoto, be quiet… We’re almost at the station, bear with it a little longer.
    Makoto: But the ocean winds are so…! Hah… It really is particularly cold by the coast…
    Haruka: You were the one who wanted to go shopping, so stop yelling “it’s so cold, it’s so cold” all the time.
    Makoto: Nghh… Even so… But Haru was the one who said there was something he wanted to buy too! …Haru, could it be that you forced yourself to come along?
    Haruka: …Not really. I didn’t say that.
    Makoto: Thank goodness. Haru, aren’t you cold? Are you okay?
    Haruka: [ sniffs ] I’m fine.
    Makoto: If that’s the case, then… Haru!? Your lips are turning purple! And you’re shaking! As I thought, you’d be cold wearing so little!
    Haruka: I’m not really— [ sneezes ]
    Makoto: Geez… Even if you’re putting up a front, I can tell! Here, I’ll lend you some clothes! …Wear this, and wrap this around you…
    Haruka: I’m fine, I don’t need it… Stop it, Makoto!
    Makoto: There we go! You have to wear this and that like this…
    Haruka: Makoto, I said that’s enough! 
    Makoto: And then this…
    Haruka: I said I don’t need it! Makoto, how many layers were you wearing!? 
    Makoto: Come on, Haru, stop moving! I can’t wrap this properly if you don’t!
    Haruka: Hey! Don’t wrap the scarf around me so messily! You’re going to… Bury my face…!
    Makoto: And then tie a knot here…!
    Haruka: My neck…!
    Makoto: There! You should be a little warmer now…
    Haruka: [ coughs ] Makoto, I can’t breathe… The scarf is too tight…! 
    Makoto: Eh? Uwah!?! Ah!! Sorry, I’ll loosen it right now!! …How about now?
    Haruka: …Makoto… You’ve always had idiotic strength… So think a little before you do something…
    Makoto: I said I’m sorry! Or rather… Isn’t it mean, saying something like idiotic strength!!
    Haruka: No matter how you think about it, it’s idiotic strength. You rely on your physical strength in everything you do.
    Makoto: Shut up, you! 
    Haruka: And your clothes are huge and heavy… It’s hard to walk in them… I’m giving them back.
    Makoto: That won’t do, Haru! You’ll catch a cold! …Geez… Haru always looks fine at the beginning, but when you get halfway you’d feel cold… Listen to me and wear it!
    Haruka:I’m saying I’m fine. [ sneezes ]
    Makoto: You’re sneezing again… Not convincing at all! Come on, at least wear it to the station!
    Haruka: …Even though I said I’m not cold…
    Makoto: You look cold no matter what! …Gosh, lending you a coat and scarf is nothing.
    Haruka: I prefer clothes that are easy to move in…
    Makoto: Yes, yes.
    Haruka: To begin with, Makoto, if you lent me so much, you’ll get cold. I’m giving them back, after all… 
    Makoto: Ehehe~ I’ll be alright! Didn’t I say I wore a lot today? So I’ll be fine. Thank you, Haru.
    Haruka: …Only because I don’t want you yelling about it being cold again… 
    Makoto: Yes, yes! Hehe… Ah, Haru, the train’s nearly here! Let’s hurry!
    Haruka: Yeah…

    (note: translations are done from japanese -> chinese -> english, so there may be small differences)

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    To: Tokyo

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    I love these outfits so muchh~ > <

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     Okay so this is what actually happened in Free! ES 11 for me, okay

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I like where your idea is going, Haru.^^
「俺に乱暴する気だろ…」 by 有紀


    I like where your idea is going, Haru.^^

    「俺に乱暴する気だろ…」 by 有紀